Bags & Totes from The Royal Standard

Large go anywhere bags that fit your busy lifestyle.

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The Royal Standard

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these large bags and totes are great for shopping trips, beachside adventures, convention visits, sightseeing tours, and more! Simple and functional, add a fashionable twist to your day-to-day with a new bag from The Royal Standard.

Bags & Totes from The Royal Standard


About The Royal Standard

For the past 20 years, The Royal Standard owners have tirelessly traveled throughout Europe and the world in search of inspiration to design unique accessories for you and your home. Their product mix ranges from fashion accessories to home decor and from holiday decorations to entertaining essentials for hosting the perfect gathering. Their products offer an uncompromising combination of exceptional quality with tremendous value. Their products combine classic elements with modern touches and are designed to enhance a wardrobe, complete a room or to become the perfect gift. Today they have customers across the US and several foreign countries who share their love of classic modern accessories.

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