Smart Tiles Peel & Stick Wall Tiles

The original, do-it-yourself peel & stick tile.

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this unique product adds pizzazz to any type of decor! SMART TILES are magnificent, self-adhesive, and very easy to install on any smooth, clean surface. Smart Tiles can be installed by anyone without making a mess. The original peel and stick wall tiles are lightweight, easy to handle, cut and maintain, and are resistant to heat and humidity. Whether you have a large or small area to decorate in your kitchen or bathroom, you can choose from a wide range of styles and create your own customized décor. You will be amazed by the final results and how easy it is!

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Smart Tiles Peel & Stick Wall Tiles


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How many tiles should I buy?

Find out how to calculate how many sheets to buy here.


Couldn't be happier with the results "Each tile is expensive (you can find real mosaic tile on sale for this price or less), but the amount you save in time and materials more than makes up for it. You can also achieve a quality looking finish on your own - It is relatively straight forward even to get around curved objects. I was able to do this in just a couple of hours, even though I had to get around an almost spherical fan vent. Real tile would have been almost impossible to work with in that scenario." -weevilkris

Easy installation! "I purchased this on a whim. We liked the look of glass tile back splashes but didn't want to do all the grout work. This was the easiest home improve my project yet! The finished product looks great and we get compliments every time someone comes to the house. -Pete (Seattle, WA),


SMART TILES offer a premium product for the kitchen and bathroom in a wide range of colors and styles. Inspired by color and driven by innovation, their creativity allows you to simply dress up your walls in an imaginative and fancy way. The company was founded in 1999 when the first adhesive tile was developed and known as S'tics Deco. A few years later, they launched a new collection for children in partnership with Disney. The two co-founders have always had the goal of building a business based on respect for people and their environment. Respect and integrity are keys to well-being.

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