Flipside Weekender Hats

The packable, always lookin' good, on-the-go hat.

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Flipside Hats

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Flipside Hats are not only fun and stylish, but they are created from upcycled and recycled materials and handmade in the Pacific Northwest. They are hip, handmade and don't harm the environment — how much better can it get?

Flipside Weekender Hats


About Flipside Hats

Flipside Hats are a family business; from their heart they offer only the highest quality garments and accessories. They believe in giving back and donate a portion of their income to local schools and organizations. Flipside Hats are made from up-cycled and sustainably sourced materials. Each hat is hand-built with close attention to detail, design and quality. Their small team takes time with each hat, knowing it will become someone’s favorite.

2 STEALS DAILY 8am /8pm (pst)
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