Feelgoodz Lizzielooms Slippers

The original and cozy indoor cross-slipper.

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these slippers fit perfectly and comfortably over your feet, all while showing off artistry from the fair-trade communities in Guatemala that they were made from. Perfect for home, yoga, or hotel rooms when you're globe-trotting, you can feel good knowing that when you wear a pair of Lizzielooms, you are helping to provide people a sustainable and fair-trade workplace.

Feelgoodz Lizzielooms Slippers


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About Feelgoodz

It all started while the owner was backpacking in Thailand. While walking through a night market in Bangkok, his flip-flops wore out and broke. Needing to find another pair, he walked up to a vendor’s display shaped like a tree with flops hanging from the branches. What he tried on was the most comfortable flip-flop he had ever worn. Relieved to no longer be barefoot, he was curious why the flip-flops were so comfortable. He discovered they were made from 100% natural rubber tapped from Thai rubber trees, and that the local farmers have honed their techniques for extracting the sustainable resource. The idea of comfortable, sustainable flip-flops was so captivating to me that he founded Feelgoodz in 2008. Today, he's still traveling to remote locations to discover new artisans and techniques. He is dedicated to bringing you the best products available and he's thrilled that their partners in Thailand, Guatemala, Pakistan, and Vietnam all help to create our comfortable, all-natural products.

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