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these end the age-old problem of tangled, lost and unidentifiable cords and cables once and for all. Recoil Winders make it easy to find, store and organize all of the cords in your life. No more tangled headphones & earbuds, phone chargers, USB cords or camera chargers. No more searching for the right charging cord or forgetting which cord belongs to which device. And no more tangled messes!

RECOIL Cord Winders


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"Recoil Winders are Awesome!" — TechGeeks1701
"Handy for cleaning up your desk and organizing your cords" — TechLovinDude
"We rate this a 10 out of 10!" — Viso Technology
"I would recommend these in a heartbeat to any gadget owner out there"— Reviews4i
"Recoil Winders cable management system delivers" — ZDnet
"These are great for traveling, and the design is amazing!" — Wise Gadgets
"Cable Winder Is the Cure For Knotted Headphones" — Gizmodo


Recoil Winders untangle and organize your cords and cables...instantly and automatically. Sitting at their kitchen table with a pile of tangled cords and headphones, David Alden (inventor of the Recoil Winder) decided that he was going to solve this problem once-and-for-all. So began the process of inventing a product that would attempt to solve a problem that every person with a cell phone, computer or tablet deals with: tangled cords. It took more than one year and exactly 494 prototypes to perfect the result: Recoil Automatic Cord Winders. Launched and funded by over 1600% of their goal on Kickstarter, Recoil Winders went viral and sold more than 16,000 winders in 30 days, becoming one of the most successful projects on Kickstarter at that time. Their team took that momentum and has built a company that is committed to untangling and organizing every pair of headphones, USB cables, phone, computer and tablet chargers, and so many other cords that have been cluttering our desks, cars, luggage, home, and backpacks for too long.

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