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mino set of 2
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We hand-picked this because: running on worn-out shoes can lead to injury. The mino tracks every step you take and tells you when your shoes need to be replaced. So try the mino under your insole and run worry-free.

How does mino know when your shoes are worn out?

The mino is calibrated to count 400 miles worth of compressions to the mid-sole of your shoe. It is suggested that you need to swap out full cushion shoes anywhere between 300-500 miles. Shoe manufacturers design running shoes to be worn out in about that many miles. Mino counts compressions instead of miles because each runner is different and can wear through shoes at a different pace. Each mile is counted at 600 steps per mile, which is the average amount of steps a runner makes, so mino takes the average. There are 6 progressive LED’s that light up once you hit a certain amount of compressions per miles you have run. It is recommend to check every 3-4 weeks – just lift up the sock liner, press and hold the blue “O” on mino to display the lights and see how far along you are.


“This device is also useful for people who use multiple pairs of running shoes by simplifying the task of tracking mileage on each pair." - Fleet Feet Syracuse ​

“The mino is a genius invention for those who put a lot of miles into a pair of shoes” - Megan, I Run For Wine Blog

mino set of 2

The mino seamlessly fits under your sock-liner or insole and shows you how much life is left in your running shoes. Comes in a 2-pack so you can share one with your running buddy or use in your other pair of favorite tennis shoes.

  • contents : each package comes with one mino tracking, as well as another mino "spacer" to put in your other shoe for consistency
    each set of two comes with two mino trackings and two "spacers"
  • dimensions : 2" wide and 4" in length
  • directions : install under sock liner with logo facing up and the "heel" arrow facing down
    periodically press and hold the blue button in logo for 2 seconds to check the status of your shoes
  • note : the mino is good for new shoes only, as there is no way to know exactly how many compressions you've made to your current shoes

About mino

Aaron invented the mino when he suffered a stress fracture from running on worn out shoes. He couldn't keep track of his shoe mileage nor did he want to wait for his next injury so he did some research and mino was born. It fits seamlessly under the sock liner so you won't feel it and automatically tracks every compression so you don't have to. Now runners won't worry about their shoe wear and can run worry-free. Mino is assembled in Massachusetts; almost every part of it is made in America, from the circuit boards to the foam.

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