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non sewing kit white
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shoe shine wipes white
50% off | retail $5.99

shoe deodorizers black polka dots
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shoe deodorizers pink owls
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fashion tape shapes white
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We hand-picked this because: pick and choose the individual fashion-saving solutions perfect for you! These fashion tools put an end to wardrobe malfunctions and enhance your appeal, so you are at your most confident whether you're jet-setting or prepping for a meeting.


"It's something bra-ditching women should keep handy all the time. It's small enough to use with just about any garment and will double stick to the skin so clothes won't be falling open." - Dale, Women's Health, review of hollywood fashion tape

"Say goodbye to nip slips, fallen hems, and gapping blouses. Hollywood Fashion Tape is double-sided tape that you can use to keep your garments (and your "girls") in place. It is safe for your skin and won't put holes in your clothes. This is a must have for your clutch." - Erica Scime, 29 Secrets, review of fashion tape

shoe deodorizers

Stilettos to sneakers … unique bamboo absorbs odors naturally!

  • note : with proper care, your product can last 12 months or more
  • care instructions : for optimal performance, place deodorizers in direct sunlight (2-3 hours per side) monthly or weekly
  • contents : 1 pair
  • perfect for : gym bags, lockers, trunks, pet area, shoes, boots, sneakers
  • special features : toss chemical-free pillows into stinky shoes, or anywhere you want to quickly capture and destroy odors and moisture,
    charcoal absorbs moisture, eliminates odors and prevents mildew

fashion tape shapes

Hold straps, hems, and other clothing securely in place. Four different shapes fit every need!

  • contents : 24 pieces total - comes in 4 different shapes for any occasion,
    trapezoid shapes (4 pieces)-to keep the sides of strapless styles in place,
    curved shapes (6 pieces)-for fronts of strapless styles,
    wide strips (6 pieces)-for heavier garments,
    skinny strips (8 pieces)-for shoe and spaghetti straps
  • uses : stop that slipping spaghetti strap, smooth out buckling dresses, tuck away fallen hems

non sewing kit

Don’t be caught with your shirt open and pants down! Replaces missing shirt and pant buttons. Repairs pant and jacket hems.

  • contents : includes 4 instant stick-on shirt buttons (2 white, 2 black), 1 instant pin-on pant button, 5 double stick hem tape dots

shoe shine wipes

The portable solution to clean and shine shoes! Instantly remove dirt and grime, polish and buff your shoes. Includes 5 pre-moistened pocket-size shoe shine wipes.

  • ingredients : purified water, surface active agent, carnauba wax
  • note : warning - this product does not improve your dance moves, TSA friendly (not suitable for suede, pretest leather in small areas)
  • uses : also great for briefcases, leather jackets, leather seats (not suitable for suede)

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