Kore Design Everyday & Executive Chairs

A chair designed to improve your health.

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Kore Stools

We handpicked this because

have you ever wanted to stay in shape without leaving your chair? These are not only comfy, but we felt like we got a mini workout too! With Kore Design Chairs, you can exercise your back and abdominal muscles, move and flex, and get your blood flowing without leaving your seat! Kore Design Chairs rock and spin on a gently domed base, encouraging active sitting with long-term effects of a healthier back and happier muscles.

Kore Design Everyday & Executive Chairs


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Reasons For Getting the Everyday Chair

  • You want to have a more active lifestyle
  • You want to have fun while sitting
  • Your back is weak and hurts
  • You're suffering from carpel tunnel issues
  • You need to multitask/rotate between projects
  • You're playing or listening to music


  • Any desk
  • For lectures or presentations
  • Playing music
  • Gaming
  • Painting
  • Any job where you need to sit!

Informational Videos

Pianist Evan Shinners with Kore stool in concert


The Kore has been an enjoyable and versatile tool in the process of my work. The ability to rotate and tip easily from one task to another has made my jobs (and my back) feel so much better. - John Amen, sailmaker, Amen Design Group

About Kore Stools

We simply weren't designed to sit still all day, yet many of us do—at work, at home, in a studio or classroom, in front of a computer—modern life has forced us into static positions for many hours of the day. Thankfully, Kore Design has found a way to allow ourselves and our children to sit without having to sit still. Ordinary chairs and stools force our bodies into unnatural, static positions, resulting in long-lasting physical discomfort, but Kore stools free our natural movements, so we can focus on what we're doing without feeling like we're stuck in a rigid position for too long. Inspired by the body and its natural energy, Kore Designs helps all of us sit the way we've always wanted to.

2 STEALS DAILY 8am /8pm (pst)
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