Chica Bands Headbands & Chiller Ice Bandanas

Stay-put headbands and chiller bandanas, great for any activity.

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Chica Bands

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we need something to keep our hair out of our face, something that will stay in place while we play. Chica Bands is the fashionable and fun solution! In a variety of colors and styles, you're sure to find one you'll love. The Chiller Ice Bandana is great to have to keep you cool for all your summer activities. Simply fill with ice or the Chiller Ice Pack, and you'll stay cool for hours! Great for both men and women!

Chica Bands Headbands & Chiller Ice Bandanas



About Chica Bands

Chica Sport designs and manufacturers accessories for active women and men. Our original brand, Chica Bands™ was founded in 2009. Our core market has been runners, athletes and active females of all walks of life since our inception. Our mission is to provide high performance, fashionable and stylish accessories to help you to feel good while you are getting and staying healthy. In 2013, we rebranded into Chica Sport and began designing accessories that are dual gender - applicable to both active women and men! We currently offer four awesome accessory lines: Chica Bands, SeatHero™ Waterproof Seat Cover for your car, Chiller™ Ice Bandana, and Rugged Wrap™, a wicking neck scarf that allows you to fight the elements with style.

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