StrongVolt PowerBank Mini

Extend the on-the-go life of your USB-charged devices.

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we've all left our chargers at home or in a hotel room, and it's always a pain. Not anymore! When you don't have access to an outlet, this mini power supply has your back. Just plug in your USB cable for your phone or tablet and give your dying device a boost. It even stays charged for six months so you can stash it in your purse until you need it—plus there's a built-in LED flashlight for emergencies.

StrongVolt PowerBank Mini


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How To Use

  1. Select the correct connector for your digital device, or use personal USB cable if connectors include are not compatible
  2. Plug the cable into the Power Bank USB port
  3. Plug the other end of the cable into your digital device
  4. To turn the Power Bank on, press the function button for 1 second - it will begin to charge your device (if charging an iPad, tablet, or other high-power device, the output will automatically switch to 2A for rapid charging
  5. When switching back to a standard cell phone or other lower draw devices, the charger will automatically switch the output back to 0.5A
  6. LED Torch- On/Off
    • hold the function button for 4 seconds to turn the LED torch on
    • hold the function button for another 4 seconds to turn the LED torch off

About StrongVolt

StrongVolt's mission is to supply consumers with highly functional, hugely helpful portable back up power for any of life's adventures. From industry leading portable folding solar panels to battery packs, StrongVolt keeps the "Power On". While other companies only focus on short-term profits and novelty products, StrongVolt knows that if they provide value with each of their products, they will earn customers for life. Whether it's offering extra wattage or higher-capacity batteries to their customers, StrongVolt knows that having better products at better prices is a recipe for success.

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