4id Powerbudz and Powerlacez

LED safety gear that empowers athletes to be safe, seen & motivated

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We handpicked this because

we want you to keep yourself safe and seen during those early morning or late night walks and runs. The Powerlacez are also perfect to keep your kids safe and seen during night games, and neighborhood hang outs in the evening.

4id Powerbudz and Powerlacez



”I love Powerlacez! I have so much going on I have to run in the wee hours of the morning, before it is light outside. My husband appreciates the added safety I get from these!" -Jessica, online review

”Our soccer team decided to try a few pairs for a late night soccer game with a glow in the dark ball. It was a blast! They light up bright and are easy to see. Lacing up our soccer cleats was quick and easy. Such a great product!" -Marti, online review

About 4id

4id seeks to advance the safety and comfort of everyday active people, from weekend warriors to full-time athletes, while inspiring them to achieve their goals. 4id is both a celebration of every unique individual and an acknowledgement of one’s personal safety. They offer a range of sports identification and safety products to keep you not only confident but motivated. They encourage athletes to be fearless, not nameless.

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