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The handy, fashionable, & non-bulky way to protect your camera.

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Camera Coats

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maybe you're tired of carrying around your big, bulky camera bag. These covers are padded, waterproof or water-resistant, and ready to protect your camera whether its around your neck, in your backpack, or sitting on the counter. Hip and stylish. Smart and functional.

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Camera Coats & Straps



The same size as the PRO up top (6 X 5 X 4), but not quite so long (about 1.5" shorter.) Great for a lens up to approx. 5" long.

The "standard" Camera Coats will typically fit a DSLR up to approx. 5 X 4 X 3 with a lens up to approx. 4" long.

Additional sizing info can be found here.

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"I didn't know I needed it, but now I can't live without it!" -Jenn {Salt Lake City, UT}

"Truthfully, I like my Camera Coat! The workmanship is great. The design is brilliant! I believe it will assist in lightening my burdens when out on the go. It will also ease my mind knowing that if a spill or sudden spray from a water hose happens, my camera is protected, IF it's in it's Slicky. *smiles* (My daughter calls this Mommy's new camera purse. Too cute!)." -MommieJoys, online review

About Camera Coats

A few years back Emily Ashby took a family trip. If you have kids you know how that is...bags, strollers, car seats, blah, blah... Since they were flying, their hands were especially full. She wanted to take her Nikon SLR, but did NOT need another bag to carry onto the plane and didn't want to check her little bundle of joy. She went into problem solving mode. She had made a little fabric bag/holder/protector for her 6 year old's video game and decided her camera was more she threw her camera in it, put it in the diaper backpack, and off she went. Her friends wanted one. And thus, began her journey with Camera Coats.

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