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we really want to encourage you to drink more water this year. Drinking water has so many benefits; fluid balance, calorie control, muscle fuel, clearer skin etc. We picked two of our favorite filtration water bottles from Eco Vessel in hopes to help you drink more water anytime, anywhere. Both filtration systems allow you to drink up to 100 gallons of water, or up to 550 uses per filter! With other benefits including TriMax triple insulation, sweat-proof and tilt-proof bottles that can stay cold for up to 36 hours, we have your water filtration needs covered.

Eco Vessel Filtration Water Bottles


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About the Aqua Vessel Filtration System


"I've used this bottle while golfing on hot days and I never have to add ice to it to keep the water cold. Also, I've left my bottle in the car during the winter months while at work and the water doesn't freeze. The only thing is the top of the straw exposed to the air can freeze, but thaws quickly with a little heat. AWESOME product!" - Dayle

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About Eco Vessel

Eco Vessel is based in Boulder, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Their products are developed from safe, sturdy, sustainable materials while offering innovation and practicality. Their complete product line provides options for everyone from toddlers to adults. You can feel secure knowing that their water bottles and food storage containers are made of high quality, non-leaching materials and are designed for your safety, ease of use and convenience. All of their products are BPA and phthalate free, recyclable and environmentally friendly. Treat yourself and your family to their stylish, eco-friendly water bottles or food storage products.

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