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The bag that fits your fashionably eco lifestyle.

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Vine Street Market

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Vine Street Market uses re-purposed fabrics, organic materials, and environmentally conscious methods to construct these one-of-a-kind bags. You can use this stylish bag for the beach, yoga, the farmer's market, grocery store, the gym, or for your laptop. Also great for travel and for carrying anything you need for your entire day!

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Vine Street Market Totes


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About Vine Street Market


”I’ve been using mine nonstop as a purse, airplane carry-on, diaper bag… it’s the perfect casual everything bag. They’re lovely, durable, and an easy way to be kind.” -Alicia Silverstone

About Vine Street Market

Vine Street Market, USA is an eco-friendly and fashionable bag line based in Los Angeles. The kind of bag you take with you everywhere because you love it, not because you are driven by eco guilt. With more and more people becoming eco-conscious and starting to think about the effects their everyday activities have on our environment, the timing for Vine Street Market, USA could not be better. Their log line quotes: "The bag that fits your fashionably eco lifestyle!"

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