Kristen Randolph Flip Flops

Stylish springtime comfort.

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Kristen Randolph

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jump feet first into warm weather with these soft-cushioned flip flops. In three basic colors, these will be your new go-to sandals to match all your favorite outfits! After all, the sun never sets on casual, comfortable style.

Kristen Randolph Flip Flops


About Kristen Randolph

Kristen Randolph is a free spirit and passionate person. Having traveled around the world, she has taken her love for different cultures and fashion and created a line of shoes where women can show their stylish personalities. In her previous life she was a prosecuting attorney, and after discovering her creative alter ego, she dove head over heels into developing a new shoe company for women who have many different facets. She is married to a rock and roll drummer, a commercial real estate superstar and a Sommelier (really, he is all the same guy). She has two beautiful, sassy, and smart children.

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