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Contemporary jewelry designs that look stunning and do good.

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Faire Collection

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Faire Collection jewelry is eye-catching, exotic, and beautiful — and adds intrigue to any outfit. Designed in New York, each piece is brought to life by the hands of fair trade artisans attempting to lift their families out of poverty. Now that's beauty that will make us all smile.

Faire Collection Jewelry


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About Faire Collection:

About Faire Collection

Founder, Amanda Judge and her team travel to remote corners of the globe to develop the skills of marginalized artisans, and to share with you their undiscovered talents. Faire is proud to bring you designs that reflect the soul of the artisan and celebrate cultural heritage. This is the new luxury. As a social enterprise, Faire Collection is deeply committed to elevating the lives of our artisan partners by providing dignified wages and holistic social programs that provide a path out of poverty – all part of our fair trade mission.

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