Sprigs Organic Apparel

Soft organic cotton with a touch of spandex and stylish accents.

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We handpicked this because

these unique pieces will make you want to run to the gym just to show them off! Flaunt easy-going bohemian styles in luxurious organic cotton that provide the comfort and breathability you need to reach your fitness goals beautifully. Kick your workout regimen into high gear with Sprigs.

Sprigs Organic Apparel


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About Sprigs

Sprigs is about fresh, new twists on products, blending creative design and utility into original solutions. Ergonomic laptop bags, bandless earmuffs, zippered wrist wallets, one-size-fits-all fleece gloves, water-friendly big brim visors, seamless knits…and so much more. They're earth conscious and use organic cotton and recycled materials for packaging and products whenever they can. As an innovative apparel accessory company with a passion for bringing the unconventional to life, their mission is to enhance your life by melding style and function into products of unique design. Explore the world of Sprigs and see how they can free you from the tyranny of the ordinary.

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