Swoob Sports Bras

A sports bra with a pocket, so you can carry your essentials on-the-go.

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warm weather brings all your favorite outdoor activities — hiking, running, biking, and other adventures where you're likely to leave your purse or wallet at home. Now you won't have to leave your essentials behind when you sport a Swoob Sports Bra! With a convenient hidden pocket, you can tote your phones, cards and cash, lip gloss, and more all while having fun in the sun hands-free.

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Swoob Sports Bras


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About SwoobFit

Swoob's efforts empower, inspire, and motivate women to show up, be present, and become their best self! The idea for the company came while climbing in Utah's Wasatch Mountains. They noticed most women would stow things in their bra while climbing. After talking to other active gals they found many use their sports bras as a pocket to store anything from energy pouches to keys and phones. Realizing an opportunity, Swoob was born around a mission to support the active lifestyle of females.

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