Furlesse Relax Wrinkle Face Patches

Relax lines in a gentle, natural way.

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We handpicked this because

long nights and stressful days can deepen those facial lines. Instead of another 'yikes' moment at the mirror, use Furlesse Relax Wrinkle Face Patches to smooth everything from forehead furrows and brow creases, to lip lines and crows feet. Whether you’re a soap-and-water girl or a Botox believer, Furlesse is for you.

Furlesse Relax Wrinkle Face Patches


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How to use Furlesse


"I got my Furlesse in the mail yesterday and tried it last night. It looks like I had botox overnight. Awesome! Can't wait to try it again tonight. Really smoothed out the brow frown I had going on." Shelley Takahashi, SheSteals.com Customer

"These little strips are just what the doctor ordered! :) After one night, I saw a difference. Not only did they smooth out the skin and prevent me from furrowing while I wore them, but they are also retraining my brow muscles by keeping them from furrowing and making me more aware when they do. After about a week of using the strips, my brow creases have disappeared - which blows my mind because I've been developing those lines for at least 4 years." J. Baldwin

"First let me tell you I really am impressed with these anti-wrinkle patches. I am 39 and started getting Botox on and off about 8 years ago around my eyes and forehead, but it wouldn't really help my small, wrinkly crows feet eye area. So I took a chance on these. After using these I awake without wrinkling." - Lisa Marie, FL

About Furlesse

Furlesse was created by a mother of three, who through many sleepless nights couldn’t help but notice how deep her furrow lines were in the wee hours. From stories of people using tape between their eyes at night (ouch), to people using butterfly bandages, she got to thinking this might be a good product idea, plus one that she could use on herself.

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