Lock'n Long DIY Hair Extensions

permanent hair extensions in less than 15 minutes

Lock'n Long Hair Extensions

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We hand-picked this because: we love long, thick hair and sometimes we need an extra boost in order to get it. These 100% remy hair uses the patent-pending and easy to use T-bar Method. The T-Bar Method is easy to put in as you secure on your head — just loop your hair in, crimp the bead and repeat until you have full, long, and attractive hair.

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  • What is the difference between synthetic and human hair extensions?
    Synthetic hair extensions cannot be color treated or styled with heat. Human hair extensions, like Lock'n Long, will last approx 6 months to a year. They can be cut, washed, blow dried, curled and straightened with heat to adapt to all your needs.
  • Will extensions damage my hair?
    No, they will not damage your own hair as long as installed properly. The BeadLocks are silicone Lined providing a pad so there is not metal contacting your hair. Depending on head sensitivity- the first day might be an adjustment as you are putting something foreign on your scalp.
  • What is Remy human hair, and what is the difference from other hair?
  • Remy hair is perfectly natural looking, silky smooth, shiny and soft to the touch, long lasting and tangle free. In non-remy hair knotting is a problem because of poor alignment.
More helpful FAQs here.


"All in all, I am over the moon about these extensions. I think anyone currently using any alternative method of hair extensions or has ever thought of having hair extensions, should definitely go this route. It’s truly the best of both worlds. The hair is thick, high quality, and super long–they definitely passed the boob test haha! I felt like Madison in Splash." -Samantha, fashion blogger

fine glam

DIY and permanent hair extensions in less that 15 minutes! Easy to use design makes it possible for you to install, tighten, refill & remove without the help of a salon. You only have to tighten beads every 5-7 weeks!

  • contents : 1 full head set with 4 sections, loopers, beadlocks, pliers
  • material : 100% remy human hair
  • dimensions : 20" hair length
    weight 100 grams
  • special features : human hair lasts 6-12 months
  • directions : see instructional video

About Lock'n Long Hair Extensions

After spending an obscene on hair wedding extensions that only lasted a little over a month, and trying almost every other hair product on the market, Danielle Lindsay, founder of Lockn’ Long, decided she would take beauty into her own hands. After drawing, tinkering, soldering and testing prototypes on herself, she created hair extensions that are high quality, affordable, secure, reusable, and best of all — easy for any woman to do themselves in under 15 minutes!