Sherpani Element Collection Bags

Carry a functional piece of artwork.

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subtle bursts of artwork by Cathy Nichols, and a range of attractive sizes and styles, make the Elements Collection by Sherpani love at first sight. Whether you love to tote, or prefer to shoulder your style, this divine collection has a bag that is as adventurous as you are—and looks amazing even after years of hard use. From well-placed pockets and sleeves galore, to handy key clips, durable eco-friendly canvas, and dependable fair trade construction practices, you'll be able to fit your essentials and more in one of these must-have bags from Sherpani.

Sherpani Element Collection Bags


About Sherpani

The Sherpani brand is best known for its unique feminine styles, fresh color palettes, and distinctive prints. Sherpani is a young Boulder, Colorado-based company with an international following of dedicated customers. The Sherpani creed is an unpretending expression of their values and lifestyle. They believe that to create something special, the choices they make are just as important as the bags they make. Sherpani's boldly fresh, feminine designs are inspired by their desire for individualism and independence. Their uniquely uncommon style is a reflection of confidence. The clean simple silhouettes and soft fabrics of Sherpani bags express a desire to balance frenetic life with the tranquility of nature.

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