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Hydros Filtering Water Bottle
50% - 64% off retail
save money, save the planet, and drink cleaner water

side fill bottle
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side fill bottle
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side fill bottle
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side fill bottle
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replacement filter
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How does filtered water in an ergonomic, high quality BPA-free bottle with a built-in active carbon filter sound? Revolutionary. In just 20 seconds, the Hydros Side Fill Bottle gives you 16 ounces of great-tasting filtered water that you can take wherever you go. The Fast Flow Filtration system ensures speedy filtering, so the days of waiting for the kitchen filter, or stopping to buy bottled water, are over.

Just as revolutionary, Hydros Bottle doesn't just preach environmental stewardship; its whole business model is based on it! What started as a submission to a social innovation competition has turned into a real product that gives you clean filtered water in a safe, reusable bottle. Hydros Bottle even raises money for global clean water projects. By drinking this delicious filtered water, you will be helping to eliminate the wasteful use of disposable plastic water bottles, and participating in the fight against the global water crisis.


  • 16 oz. self-filtering water bottles with a mission
  • made with Tritan Plastic
  • BPA and phthalates free
  • patent pending Fast Flow Filter fills your bottle in less than 15 seconds
  • filter is embedded with a natural anti-microbial that helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria
  • filter is made from activated carbon mixed with Fast Flow Filter pellets that reduce bad tasting chemicals in your water leaving you with fresh, great tasting water
  • tested to the ANSI/NSF standard 42 for water filtration, which reduces chlorine, chloramines, and particulates
  • dishwasher safe
  • proudly made in the U.S.
  • proceeds from each Hydros bottle sold provide clean water for someone in need for one whole year
  • each filter replaces 150 bottles of water, a savings of around $139 for every 150 refills versus buying individual packs of bottled water

Independent Video Review

Operation Hydros

The Crisis: 1 in 7 people lack access to clean water
By purchasing your Hydros Bottle, you are joining Operation Hydros, the fight against the global water crisis. Not only does your bottle provide you with great tasting water on the go, each purchase helps fund sustainable water projects. Through these water projects, the proceeds of a single Hydros Bottle sold will provide clean water for someone in need for one whole year.

For their first project, Hydros has partnered with Engineers Without Borders to deliver fresh water to the thirsting village of Gundom in Cameroon. Future water projects are currently underway, and will help gaurantee the right to clean water for generations to come. Learn more.


Since I got my Hydros Bottle, I am now drinking 5 (Hydros) bottles of clean water everyday! - Matt Rosler, customer review of Hydros Bottle

Received my Hydros Bottle yesterday and I absolutely love it. Awesome design and very easy to use - makes water taste better while eliminating the chlorine smell. I'll be telling my friends. - Michael Wenger, customer review of Hydros Bottle

I have officially had my first sip of Hydros filtered water and I'm in love! I can finally drink Philadelphia water! - Victoria Wilbur, customer review of Hydros Bottle

About Hydros

Back in Spring 2009, Jay and Aakash decided to start Hydros at 4am in the basement of a University of Pennsylvania study hall. The two undergraduates were busy writing a business plan for the Dell Social Innovation Competition, due in just 8 short hours. Their idea: sell a filtering water bottle to raise money for global water projects and rid the world of plastic bottled water.

After finishing as semifinalists in the competition, they ran into into Winston who arranged the company's financing and brought a seasoned group of entrepreneurs on to the company's Board. The three walked away from their future jobs and set out to develop the first prototype with the technical help of their friends at Innova Dynamics, Inc. Prototype in hand, they found manufacturing partners (made locally in the U.S.) and the first retailers (thanks Whole Foods!). You can read more about the team here.

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