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eLifestyle 12-Week Balanced Weight Loss Program
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weight loss and lifestyle management designed for you by an online trainer

12 week exercise, weight loss
  and lifestyle program
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The work-life balance can be daunting at the best of times, putting your attempts to lose weight, improve your fitness, and eat healthier seemingly out of reach. This is where eLifestyle can help! With their 12-Week Balanced Weight Loss Program, you receive an online weight loss, exercise, menu and lifestyle program customized specifically for you - your schedule, your lifestyle and surroundings, your dietary needs. Without having to leave the house, your program will guide you toward successful lifestyle equilibrium. You'll even have constant email access to your coach for feedback, advice, and motivation while you're on the program, so you can stay focused wherever you are. For less than $1 a day, this is the good life we can all afford!


The eLifestyle philosophy is focused on balancing an individual’s lifestyle and creating a sustainable life-long commitment to a healthy life through a unique combination of:

  • personal training
  • proper nutrition
  • stress reduction

Their customized program produces steady and sustainable results by working one-on-one with each individual to seamlessly integrate fitness into his or her schedule.

eLifestyle managers

eLifestyle managers provide the education and motivation their clients need. They enable each client to make long-term health and wellness gains by helping them focus their efforts and time in a productive program. 2013 marks the tenth year that eLifestyle will coordinate and deliver a full range of fitness services of the highest quality.

How eLifestyle Can Help

  • they provide the education and motivation needed to develop sustainable healthy eating, exercise, and stress-reduction habits
  • your 12-week online program delivers a cache of valuable info on diet, shopping, workouts, and more
  • each participant will receive a customized diet plan, including daily menus and shopping lists that take the guesswork out of grocery shopping
  • whether training in-home or at your local gym, also included is a custom fitness regime and equipment prescription so you’ll be able to exercise within your level of comfort and expertise

The Program

  • you will receive a custom 12-week virtual weight loss, exercise, and lifestyle package
  • a personal trainer will contact you with a tailored program once you have answered some questions
  • you'll receive email access to an eLifestyle fitness, weight loss, and lifestyle coach for feedback, motivation, and advice
  • the eLifestyle coaching staff are available 24/7 for questions, advice, etc.
  • lifestyle plan also incorporates easy tips on achieving overall wellness and weight loss with their weekly Fit Tip mailout
  • each week participants will receive an email personalized with the following:
    • diet
    • menu
    • shopping list
    • work out plan
    • equipment prescription
    • lifestyle plan
    • tips
  • at the end of the 12 weeks you can continue on the program for an additional 12 weeks at the full retail price, or simply choose the option to complete the program and continue on your own
  •  *as a reminder, once you have received the program, the complete 12 weeks of program service is active

Getting Started

Once you have received your start-up package, you will be asked to indicate if you require an in-home exercise plan or a gym plan to complete your package. (Please indicate if you have any exercise equipment.) In addition, the remainder of your ongoing information will include:

  • a new 7-day nutrition program and shopping list each week
  • weekly tips on various aspects of diet, exercise, and nutrition
  • upon program completion you’ll receive a maintenance plan to help keep you on track with your new lifestyle

Of course, with the program being online, you must be diligent with following what eLifestyle set out for you. We know you’ll be a huge success!


Following the eLifestyle online weight loss and lifestyle program was the smartest choice I've ever made. With Weight Watchers I didn't gain the education to really understand nutrition, there wasn't a customized exercise prescription to help ensure I achieved and maintained my weight loss goals, there wasn't any real-time, online support system by a coach to consult with, and the calorie point system didn't ensure I was taking in the proper balanced nutrition that I needed for my weight loss goals. - C.W.

Like so may others I have tried nearly every diet and weight loss program out there. But it was my eLifestyle program that finally gave me the results I was looking for while never feeling hungry. Best of all, this program was customized to MY needs, was so easy to follow, and I didn't have to pay hundreds of extra dollars for pre-packaged meals. The weight just melted off! - J.H.

Exercise and weight management were two aspects of my life that were never consistent in the past. I have had a gym membership for years and have used some of the popular weight loss programs but have never stuck to anything for a long period of time. Having encountered health issues that were making my weight management goals even more difficult to maintain, I decided it was necessary to incorporate an exercise program into my life that would be consistent and easy for me to follow. Working with eLifestyle has provided me with just that. An exercise plan was developed for me to meet my specific needs and target areas. I've also received nutritional counseling that has increased my understanding of the importance of what I eat and when. Although I still struggle with unresolved health issues, this is the first time in my life that I have consistently followed an exercise program (for over a year now!) and have found it to be an integral part of my daily activities as well as an important part of my well-being. My energy has increased and I have successfully maintained my weight for the first time in years. I can't imagine not working out every morning! If it wasn't for the personal attention and upbeat positive attitude I received from Leah as well as the ability to do all this without leaving my condo, I'm not sure that I would have been as successful as I have been. Thank you eLifestyle! - S.D.

My Equilibrium lifestyle manager was patient and enthusiastic. She customized my program to encompass all areas of my life including physical, mental, and dietary needs. I really felt that my lifestyle manager cared about my goals and worked with me to make the training an individual and unique experience! - K.L.

About eLifestyle

Founded in 2004 by Leah Epstein, Equilibrium Lifestyle Management (eLifestyle) is a network of lifestyle managers that provide individuals with the tools to organize their life in a healthier, happier, and more balanced way. Responding to a growing industry trend for customized health and lifestyle management, eLifestyle managers work with clients in their home, office, fitness center, and even in cottage country.

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