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MacFlowers Flower, Herb & Veggie Can 4-Pack
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grow an indoor garden without getting dirty

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  mint/cherry tomato
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cherry tomato/
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Do April showers bring May flowers? Possibly. Do MacFlowers give you your very own indoor garden? You bet they do! Green thumb or not, MacFlowers are the no-brainer way for everyone to start their spring with a new garden—even if it's on the windowsill. From flowers to herbs to veggies, just open the can and water according to each plant's specific schedule. Complete with the seeds and nutrients you need to get started, MacFlowers make great Mother's Day gifts, and are excellent choices for apartments, offices, and those who want to grow a garden without getting their hands dirty. Light and water are critical to optimal growth, so take care of your little garden and let it take care of you.


  • contains all the granulate seeds and nutrients needed for plants to grow
  • for the herb or flower lover
  • great gift idea (present for Mom, birthdays, thoughtful gift for a friend)
  • perfect for new gardeners and tight spaces
  • minimal maintenance and care
  • grow inside or outside
  • enjoy fresh flowers in your office or apartment
  • grow live herbs in your kitchen
  • all contained in a decorative aluminum can
  • care instructions included
  • innovated in Europe
  • best by 01/31/2014*

To grow

  • remove lid
  • pour 1/2 cup of water into can
  • place can in plenty of sunlight
  • water generously until seedlings appear
  • water again when the granulate begins to look dry and can is light in weight
  • sit back and watch your plants thrive and grow
  • best results can be achieved if re-potted in a pot with regular soil after about 6 months, but not necessary

Vegetable gestation times

  • basil - 16-20 days
  • mint - 4-8 days
  • cherry tomato - 8-10 days
  • chili - 16-20 days

Flower gestation times

  • daisy - 12-16 days
  • poppy - 14-20 days
  • sunflower - 8-17 days
  • violet - 12-16 days

*This is a suggested "best before" date. The germination rate is still very high even if the they are opened after this date.


I usually do pretty badly with plants by either accidentally killing the ones that are already alive or just never getting the seeds to sprout. Anyway, I followed the directions on this exactly, stuck it in a window that gets shade for 3/4 of the day (bright sun the rest) and about 5 days after opening and watering I now have 5 tiny sprouts with leaves. I even forgot to water it for 2 days so I'd say that's pretty great and this product does exactly what it's supposed to. - Jamey H

About MacFlowers

MacFlowers was founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs from Germany and Austria. They formed a partnership to better serve the European market with unique gifts and novelty products. Their business was started in their home markets (Austria and Germany) and soon they received inquiries from all over Europe. Macflowers soon spread around the world and has flourished in the US market since 2010.

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