teaposy Blooming Tea Set

introduce mom to the relaxing art and beauty of flowering tea


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harvest set
  harvest teapot
  box of 6 medley blooming teas
Sold out!

charme posey set
  3 blooming teas
  2 loose leaf tea sachets
  1 16oz glass teapot
  1 8 oz glass tea cup
Sold out!

garden noir set
  box of 6 medley noir teas
  16oz tea for two teapot
Sold out!

Still scrambling for a Mother's Day gift with the perfect blend of delicate beauty and flavor? Look no further than a thoughtful teaposy Blooming Tea Set that mom can enjoy any time of year. Whenever she spends a relaxing morning on the porch, or whiles away the afternoon with her favorite author, sipping delicious jasmine-scented white tea makes each moment more peaceful. As they steep, these intricately wrapped white tea blossoms unfurl to reveal a colorful flower that blooms right in the pot! Traditional artisans have carefully handcrafted each teaposy tea pot with premium quality glass to enhance the experience of drinking blooming tea, so make it a memorable Mother's Day with the tranquility of teaposy.

Teaposy white blooming teas are made from the finest silver needle white tea, and lightly scented with fresh jasmine flowers. Each sip reveals a subtle jasmine aroma and a lingering pure, sweet finish. Each Teaposy bloom is crafted with an exotic flower, infusing it with a distinct appearance and hint of natural flavor.

Blooming Tea Set Features

A boxed set from teaposy makes a thoughtful gift for any tea drinker in your circle. Hand-harvested silver needle white tea from the Eastern province of Fujian, China is world renowned for subtle flavors and exquisite quality. Intended for multiple steepings, teaposy blossom teas are not only a beautiful sight to behold, but a delicious flavor to be enjoyed many times over.

  • white blooming teas are made from the finest silver needle white tea that are handpicked each spring and lightly scented with fresh jasmine flowers
  • tea is gluten free and organic
  • teas are not decaffeinated*
  • iced teaposy teas are surprisingly delicious and refreshing
  • you can get 4 to 6 pots (80oz) of tea out of 1 teaposy blooming tea by continuing to add hot water gently to your pot - silver needle teas are known to be slow-brewing teas, so your patience along with a tea warmer may bring you even more cups
  • tea can be brewed in its sachet, or loose based on your preference
  • you can keep your teaposy blooming tea flower in a glass container with cold water to display and enjoy the blossom for a few more days
  • glassware is dishwasher safe, although hand washing is preferred
  • glassware is lead and cadmium free
  • you may put teaposy glassware on gas stovetops over low heat

Harvest Set

  • 1 box of 6 Medley blooming teas
    • heart of love
    • calendula
    • falling water
    • butterfly
    • lady fairy
    • red song
  • (1) 16oz harvest teapot

Charme Posey Set

  • 3 unique blooming teas
    • heart of love
    • falling water
    • lady fairy
  • 2 loose leaf tea sachets
    • symphony herbal tea
  • (1) 16oz glass teapot
  • (1) 8oz glass tea cup

Garden Noir Set

  • each box contains each of the following six posy teas, all made with unscented Black silver needle teas and unique flowers:
    • butterfly noir with amaranth and jasmine
    • calendula noir with calendula
    • falling water noir with calendula and jasmine
    • heart of love noir with rose and lily
    • lady fairy noir with jasmine and lily
    • red song noir with carnation
  • 2 loose leaf tea sachets
  • (1) 16oz tea for two teapot

How It Works

Blooming teas are not only beautiful, they also brew the finest teas on the market today, dancing on the palate with floral notes and a light, sweet aftertaste. Each teaposy Blooming Posy Tea is also individually vacuum-sealed, ensuring that you enjoy it at the peak of freshness.

The base of beautiful teaposy Blooming Posy Teas is silver needle tea; not the whole leaves, just the most tender tips. From growing to processing, the loose leaf white tea is sorted, dried, and re-dried before being handcrafted with herbal flowers by resident artisans.

All-natural ingredients and only the largest, most vibrant whole flowers unfurl together in perfect harmony to create unique flavors and a stunning visual experience during the infusion.

Teaposy Glassware is meticulously shaped, fired, and blown by hand with exceptional craftsmanship. Blowing is followed by labeling, assembly, inspecting, re-inspecting, and packaging, each with the highest care to ensure quality, purity, and perfection.

Additional Info

Teaposy blooming teas are fat free, protein free, carbohydrate free, and thus have no calories. They contain high levels of polyphenol, an antioxidant that has been proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

*Teaposy teas are not decaffeinated. The white tea based blooming teas contain very low caffeine, as white teas are known to have the lowest caffeine content among all caffeinated teas or coffee drinks. A cup of white tea contains an average of 8-15mg caffeine while a cup of coffee provides 60-120mg. The Medley Noir teas have a caffeine content similar to that of other black teas.

It is worth noting that whereas the caffeine in coffee is absorbed rapidly into the body, thus stimulating an immediate increase in blood circulation and cardiovascular activity, the polyphenols in tea are thought to slow down the rate of absorption. The effects of the caffeine are felt more slowly but remain in the body longer, thus making tea a refreshing and revitalizing beverage.

More questions? Please visit the teaposy FAQ page by clicking here.


  • Gold Medal Winner | Gourmet Products, Las Vagas
  • Best of Show | National Paper Association; Packaging, Quebec, Canada
  • VIP Tea Brand | World Expo, Shanghai, China

About teaposy

Teaposy began by bringing blooming teas and kettles to a gift shop in Rochester, NY during the Thanksgiving holidays in 2005. Within hours they were sold out, surprising teaposy with their popularity. A little girl and her grandma stood in front of their table for the longest time, savoring the tea and marveling at the beauty of the blossoms. That was how teaposy found its way into the hearts of its very first customers.

 Since then, stories of how teaposy has cheered friends, comforted patients, and touched mothers' hearts have found their way back to teaposy. Teaposy's sincerest goal is to help everyone enjoy quality time, alone or in the warm company of others.

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