Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Looking for a quick hairstyle that looks cute but gets you out the door in just a few minutes? Throw your hair up in an intricately patterned headband or elastic from Pura Vida! With a variety of colors to match every ensemble, these accessories are packed with style and make doing your hair effortless. We tried out a few looks for going everywhere from the gym to date night. Scroll down to find a look for you!

Cute headband hairstyle

The Topknot: Pull all hair back a high pony. Curl the ends. Twist into a bun and pin in place. Polish it off by sliding a headband a few inches behind your hairline.

How to style headbandsThe Easy Up-do: Loosely curl hair away from your face. Slide a headband behind your ears and pull the front pieces of hair out. Twist these sections back and tuck into the headband.

This looks cute as-is (as you can see on our model above) but can be converted into a full up-do with two options. Continue twisting and tucking hair into the headband all the way around your head, or pull the remaining hair into a loose chignon.

How to style a headband

The Loose Fishtail: Loosely pull hair to the side and braid into a fishtail braid. Tie with a Pura Vida elastic. Pull braid slightly apart to loosen and soften the look.

Headband hairstyles

The Hippie: Try something new and slide a headband down over your forehead. This works with short and long hair!]

How to style headbands

Sporty Chic: Keep your hair out of your face in style by sliding an elastic headband to push your hair back. Finish off with a ponytail or bun.

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