The 2-Minute Rope Braid Updo

Whether you're short on time or need a style for your unwashed hair, try out this simple 2-minute rope braid that can easily become an updo or stylish accent to your flowing tresses.

how to do a rope braid updo

1. Part your hair to the side and divide two, half-inch sections in the front of your hair.

2. Twist the top piece back and around the bottom piece.

3. Add the top piece to the hair below, creating a new section like you would with a french braid. Wrap the new top piece back and around the bottom, adding to it to create a new one inch section.

4. Repeat the process of twisting the top piece around the bottom and creating a new section of hair. (tip: to wear your hair down, end braid right behind your ear.)

5. Secure braid with a bobby pin.

6. Style your hair in a ponytail or bun, and you're done!

2 minute rope braid updo hair tutorial


Want to see how to do it? Watch here.

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