Find Your Perfect Curling Wand

You can't go wrong with any of the hair tools from NuMe — especially when they're priced at a steal! Scroll down to see tutorials and tips for all of the curling wands so you can find the one for you.

nume curling wands tutorials

Classic curling wand - 19mm

If you're looking for tight, voluminous curls, look no further than the 19mm curling wand! This wand is sized to give you spirals without being too time consuming. Perfect for pixies all the way up to long locks, learn how to get those gorgeous Taylor Swift curls with the tutorial below.

Classic curling wand - 32mm

If you want to turn a blah bob into a Marilyn or long locks into glamorous curls or dreamy waves, then the 32mm curling wand is your new BFF! Sized for big, loose curls and ideal for getting a curly style in a snap, watch the video below to see how you can get a glam look in just six (seriously!) curls.

Reverse classic curling wand - 25-13mm

Mermaid curls or beachy waves are possible with the reverse classic curling wand. The ascending barrel will add more variation and texture to your style — watch a great tutorial for two ways to wear these curls.

Pearl wand

The pearl wand looks wild and gives the most natural-looking curls. The spheres in the barrel give hair are more unpredictable for gorgeous variations in curls no one will suspect came from a tool. This wand is great for any hair type and works for a variety of lengths!

Flat Irons

This isn't the first time we've professed our love for flat irons — from wavy to curly to sleek and straight, these tools can do it all! Check out the tutorial below on how to curl with a flat iron and steal yours here.

How to curl hair with a flat iron


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