2-Minute Low Braided Bun

Stylish up-do's are a must for busy women! Our 2-Minute Low Braided Bun is an easy hairstyle that'll add charm and sophistication to any ensemble. And the best part? This hairstyle is able to accommodate a hat! While you're at it - shop our Deals and Steals on Hair Accessories here!

2-minute braided bun


1. Start with untangled hair!
2. Gather your hair into a low pony. Put on an elastic.
3. Divide your hair into two sections — down the middle and above your elastic. Pull your pony through the division you created.
4-5. Pull tight and adjust.
6-7. Braid the pony.
8. Roll and pin up your braid.

2-minute low braided bun

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