DIY Spring Manicures

Spring manicure trends in 2014 are "reinventing the wheel," so to speak. From an asymmetrical twist on a french manicure, to adding simple understated stripes, we were inspired by Spring Fashion Week.

Asymmetrical French Mani

DIY Asymmetrical french mani


What we used:

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Materials Needed for Asymmetrical French Manicure


-Cut thin or medium stripes of tape
-Paint your entire nail. Let dry.
-Put the striped on your finger nails diagonally, exposing the tips of the nail.
-Paint the tips another color. Let dry.
-Peel the tape off. Finish with a clear coat.

Inspiration #2Easy Nails

What we used:

materials needed #2

Megan Miller Polish
Nail Art Pen

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