Easy Rope Braid Updo Tutorial

You are headed into the office or a out to friend's wedding and have about 10 minutes to throw on clothes and toss your hair up. Try out this easy 5-minute updo that will have everyone thinking you just popped in at your stylist's before heading out. Even better, sleep on it and let it down the next day for an easy wavy look!

1. Start with damp, combed hair. Apply a little styling cream or mousse throughout your hair. Then divide into two pieces.

2. Divide two, one inch sections in the front of your hair and twist the top piece back and around the bottom piece.

3. Add the top piece to the hair below, creating a new one inch section. Wrap the new top piece back and around the bottom, adding it to create a new one inch section.

4. Repeat the process of twisting the top piece around the bottom and creating a new section of hair until you reach the nape of your neck.

5. Then twist hair around until you reach the end. Add an elastic, looping the remaining hair into the elastic.

6. Repeat on the other side. Loop the braid around and twist into a bun in the back of your head and secure with bobby pins on both sides. Pin the two buns together to create a continuous look.

Then, after your fun night out, take your hair out the next morning, add a little smoothing product (we love Original Sprout Tahitian Hair Oil), and voila! Instant soft waves for the next day.


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