Bedol Wink Water-Powered Clock

simple H2O will make this clock go

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We hand-picked this because: you can save on batteries and electricity with this unique clock that's great for all ages.

Unsightly cords and random-sized batteries are things of the past — the Bedol Wink Water-Powered Clock is here to reveal the future! Shaped like a very cool, modern desk clock, this innovative product is powered by plain H2O. Just fill and you'll be all set keeping time for 6 months or more before you need to refresh. Just add a bow and it’s good to go as a special new gift for yourself or a loved one.

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About Bedol

Bedol International Group, Inc. was established in 1987. In the beginning the company designed products for Day-Timer, Day Runner, and Filofax that enhanced and accessorized organizers and binders. They were later instrumental in the development and design of checkbook wallets and checkbook calculators, as well as travel products and table top/desk accessories. At Bedol they pride themselves on their original ideas and unique designs. Bedol is now leading the pack with their green, eco-friendly design initiative. It is in this arena that they expect to make the greatest contributions to both the market and society.

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