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We hand-picked this because: you can add edge without the commitment or create chic hairdos in an instant with Mia Beauty Hair Accessories.

The go-to move for reinventing your look always starts with the hair! Whether it’s chopping off a good six inches or going from blonde to brown, ditch the commitment and opt in for something a little more fun and a lot less permanent! With the Mane Stain and the Clip-N-Dipped ends, you can add a splash of sassy color to your style. Create a glamorous and easy up-do without losing volume with the Tonytail elastic band. Keep your hair out of your face during this warm weather season with a 6-pack of thin strap headbands. Help your “mane” attraction shine with Mia Beauty Hair Accessories.

About Mia Beauty

The idea to create the Tonytail® ponytail wrap came to Mia because she often liked to wear her hair in a ponytail but didn't like to use trendy colored hair accessories or ugly rubber bands to hold it in place. With only a few options on the market, she would opt for a rubber band, but would take a piece of hair and wrap it around the rubber band to hide it. This was far more chic (or "tony") but wasn't easy to style without a lot of hairpins or even a professional stylist. Also, having to sacrifice a piece of her own hair to achieve this look made the ponytail look less full. And, inevitably, the wrapped piece would pop out and her style would become a mess in a few hours. From Barbie, to Jeannie in "I Dream of Jeannie," Hollywood starlets have been wearing this hairstyle for decades. She wanted to give all women the ability to achieve this same "Hollywood" look — simply and easily without spending a lot of time or money. And that's how the Tonytail was created! And while it all started with the Tonytail ponytail wrap, Mia Beauty didn't stop there! They now have over 300 hair accessories and are adding new products to our line about every six months. Enjoy these fun and innovative hair accessories!

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