Truly Delightful Essential Oils

harness pure and all-natural wellness benefits

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We hand-picked this because: Truly Delightful oils are 100% pure and natural. They haven't been processed with any chemicals and are either steamed distilled or cold pressed. Plus, they are therapeutic grade, unlike some brands you'll find.

For thousands of years, essential oils have been used for wellness, health, and uplifting properties. Truly Delightful Essential Oils are pure, natural, and are therapeutic grade, so you can reap the most benefits possible. Each pleasurable scent triggers the limbic system, the part of the brain that regulates emotion and memory, in its own unique way. From cleansing, to calming muscles and nerves, to helping with emotional wellness, to supporting every system of the body, essential oils provide the solutions you need to feel rejuvenated and at your best.

Essential Oils Can Help With...

Peppermint Oil: backache, fatigue, bloating/cramps, cold, headaches, memory, dizziness, hot flashes, fever, mood swings, upset stomach, shock, nausea, cough

Eucalyptus Oil: insect repellent, acne, hayfever, asthma, sinus infection, high blood pressure, bronchitis, immune system, circulation, cough

Lavender Oil: calming, burns, inflammation, acne, headaches, allergy, reproductive, stress, DNA repair, scrapes, bee sting/insect bite, cuts, insomnia

Tea Tree Oil: skin care, antifungal, blisters, antiseptic, coughs, mold, MRSA, scar tissue, hair care, lice, immune system, warts, sore throat, candida

Clean and Happy
Lemon Oil: cleanser, digestive, detox, disinfectant, depression, flu/cold, clogged pores, odor, asthma, sore throat, allergies, cough, UTI, produce prep.

Orange Oil: nervous disorders, anxiety relief, appetite loss, immune support, endocrine support, immune system, colic, asthma, sleep aid

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