Super Jennie Reusable Menstrual Cups

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"I've been using cups for a few years now but I've struggled to find the right one for me. I'm 41 but I haven't had a baby, my muscles are strong and my cervix can drop quite low so I find soft, small cups most comfortable. However, my periods are heavy so I need a cup with a high capacity.

The small size Super Jennie ticks every box for me. It's the softest cup I own. The size is just right. The cup is comfortable with no pressure on my urethra and absolutely no leaks, even when horse riding, cycling, swimming or running, and because the design maximizes capacity for its size I only need to empty it a couple of times during the day on my heaviest days, not every couple of hours like some other brands. The shiny surface of the silicone makes it quick and easy to clean. The stem is soft, stretchy and very flexible and I haven't needed to trim it. The star grips at the base of the cup make removal easy.

I use the 7 fold because I find it opens first time every time that way. I struggled to use the punchdown fold because of the softness of the silicone but that's no problem, the softness makes it so comfortable and means it moves with my body to prevent leaks. I'm so happy I've found the Super Jennie after several years and many different brands of cup. Thank you, it's perfect!" -Lois

This is the most amazing and comfortable cup ever!! I used it perfectly with NO LEAKS on my very first try. It has changed my life! I am converting everyone to this cup. I love that I can wear it to work all day and not have to bother with it until I get home. It is so convenient, easy to use, and makes me forget I even have my period. Couldn't love it more. -Amanda

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