Insect Repellent Collection

All-natural, safe, non-toxic, and DEET-free bug repellents for everyone!

11 - 77% off!


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"We put your bands to the test this weekend on our hiking trip. We put a band on each wrist and stickers on our ankles and hats. Happy to report no bites. Thanks for a making a great natural product that works!" -Jason, Seattle, OR

"I was testing your bands on a hike with my dog and husband. I had your bands on and my husband had no repellent. After a while I turned to him and said, “Well I guess there aren’t any bugs out today. I was hoping to test these bands.” He was like what do you mean? I’m swatting away back here.” I realized your bands were working brilliantly." -Linda, Golden, CO

"LOVE your products. Thank you thank you for providing a natural repellent for my kids. I hate spraying them but didn’t know what else to do until I found you. -Kelly, Greensboro, NC

Recycle your used bands! Mosquitno collects used bands and sends them to a silicone recycler to be made into something new. For every 10 bands you return, they'll send you 2 new bands for free — one to say thank you, and one to cover your shipping!


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