Insulated Drink Carriers + More from Koverz

Perfect for picnics and tailgating.

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Special Features

Koverz 6-Pack Carrier

The perfect gift for beer lovers!! Perfect for picnics, tailgating or the beach. Whether you are bringing some of our favorite beverages to a gathering with family and friends or transporting bottles back from the grocery store, Koverz Neoprene 6-Pack Carriers will protect your precious cargo and keep the bottles/cans cool until you reach your destination!
  • Materials: 70% Neoprene, 30% Polyester

Koverz Double Wine Bottle Totes

Whether you're heading to a gathering with friends & family or bringing a couple bottles home from the grocery store, these Wine Totes are ideal for protecting and insulating your favorite beverages while making it easy on you to carry. Choose your favorite style and stop worrying about glass bottles rolling around or breaking in your vehicle during transport.
  • Makes a GREAT gift, paired with 2 bottles of wine!
  • Stores flat
  • Also fits most 1-liter water bottles and VOSS 800ml bottles
  • Take to the pool or beach and stay hydrated for hours!
  • Materials: 70% Neoprene, 30% Polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Neoprene Double Wine Tote

Koverz Lunch Tote

Made out of neoprene (wetsuit material), Koverz Lunch Totes will keep lunch contents cold and fresh for hours. Perfect for packing cool snacks for roadtrips and work too. Totz are machine washable, quality made, very durable and colors will never fade.
  • Measurements: 12" x 12" x 6" deep
  • Soft Neoprene material is easy to handle
  • Zip closure keeps contents secure
  • (Water bottle not included)

Kooleez - #1 THE ORIGINAL Neoprene Full Length Gogurt & Freezer Pop Sleeves: 8-Pack

Say goodbye to freezing fingers while enjoying your favorite icey treat!! Just freeze your Go-Gurt or popcical and slip it in the Kooleez sleeve to keep it chilled and cold for hours until lunchtime. Freezer pops can now be enjoyed as a refreshing snack all year round! No more freezing cold fingers or wrapping and wasting paper towels.
  • No more freezing fingers!
  • Less melt = less mess
  • Saves paper towels
  • Makes great birthday party favors and classroom snacks
  • Fits all freezer pops, Pedialyte pops, Go-Gurts and Zipzicles
  • Made out of thick 2mm neoprene
  • Machine washable
  • 8-Pack includes 1 of each color: Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Navy, Aqua, Yellow

Kooleez - #1 Koverz Cosmetic Bag

We are so excited to introduce our new KOVERZ Cosmetic bags! Designed with women in mind, these bags are sized large and extra roomy to fit all of your cosmetics needs: makeup, skincare, nail polish, travel toiletries or use as a 'catch-all' to keep in your large purse or beach bag. Made out of thick neoprene, our cosmetic bags will hold up for years (and if they don't, they come with a 100% quality guarantee for LIFE!). Machine washable, water resistant, and easy to spot clean, this bag will look nice and new all the time.
  • 9" wide x 5" tall x 4" deep
  • Machine Washable
  • Saves paper towels
  • Quality Guarantee for LIFE!

About Koverz

One morning in October of 2010, Landon was sitting on my lap as he was drinking his cold milk out of his sippy cup. He reached back and put his little hand on my cheek and it was FREEZING cold! I chuckled and said to him "burrrr, you need an insulator for your sippy cup!" I immediately marched upstairs to the computer to search for baby bottle/sippy cup insulators, thinking they would be found at any retailer. Well, much to my surprise, I found NOTHING! Immediately the light bulb turned on and the idea was born!" Lindsay Wegesin, a "Mommy Inventor" is the Founder of LadyEdison & Co., the parent and distribution company for Koverz, Kidzikoo & Kooleez. Since the successful launch of Kidzikoo in June of 2011, a demand for larger insulators and also freezer pop insulators kept arising, so Koverz Sport Bottle Insulators and Kooleez Freezer Pop Insulators were created and added to the LadyEdison & Co. family. Due to continual growth and demand, Lindsay's husband Andy came on board to officially work full time with LadyEdison & Co. Lindsay and Andy are dedicated to creating new and innovative products never before seen in the consumer market while keeping quality and affordability at the forefront.

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