Sports Kit Deodorizer + Dehumidifier 2 Pack Bundle (8 Pouches Total)

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Color: Black


While most sprays just mask odors and create damp surfaces, Our easy-to-use bamboo charcoal insert deodorizes and dehumidifies, putting the stink in the penalty box for good. Just pop the Ever Bamboo inserts into your skates, gloves, and bags and score! It’s the save your gym bag has been waiting for.


  • (50 g x 4) x 4

special features:

  • All natural bamboo charcoal moisture absorber
  • Eliminates odors instead of masking them

care instructions:

  • Simply leave pouch under direct sunlight (2-3 hours per side) every 30-60 days


  • With proper care, your bamboo charcoal will last up to one year, after one year, cut open pouches and mix charcoal granules into soil to regulate moisture


  • Pop the Ever Bamboo inserts into your skates, gloves, and bags


  • Unscented bamboo charcoal granules


  • Do not eat
  • Do not place near the fire


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