84 Serving Bucket of Emergency Gluten Free Entrees

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This is perfect for those intolerant of gluten as it was specially formulated for those with this sensitivity. It contains a thoughtfully balanced meal plan that has been prepared so that proper nutritional values and calories are maintained. The food comes sealed in Mylar pouches with four servings to each pouch to help reduce waste. These entrees can last a single adult about a month with three servings per day and it has a long shelf life when stored properly, so you can easily store one or more food kits. The bucket container is easy to stack and thus easy to store and comes with a simple carry handle. This simple solution makes it so even those who struggle with the inconvenience of a prohibited diet can rest assured their survival needs will be met too. ○ 25 Year shelf life with proper storage ○ No more worrying about a backup food storage plan for those with allergies ○ Nutritious, delicious, and ready to eat by adding boiling water ○ Safely sealed in Mylar pouches ○ 4 Servings per pouch to avoid wastage ○ Lock-in stacking bucket with grab-and-go handles for easy storage without shelving ○ 12" x 12" x 10" Includes: ○ 12 Servings teriyaki and rice ○ 16 Servings loaded baked potato casserole ○ 16 Servings tomato basil soup ○ 12 Servings potatoes and chicken flavored pot pie ○ 28 Servings creamy yogurt


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