Travel Size Essential Oil 2-Pack

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Travel Size Essential Oil 2-Pack Grapefruit & Uplift Travel Size Essential Oil 2-Pack Lavender & Peppermint Travel Size Essential Oil 2-Pack Tea Tree & Lemon
Color: Grapefruit & Uplift


Now you can enjoy the aromatic and medicinal benefits of essential oils with this 2-in-1 combo pack of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in a convenient travel size bottle.


  • Wellness 2 pack essential oils: Peppermint and Lavender Peppermint: headaches, strengthens digestion system, clears sinus and curbs appetite Lavender: stress, headaches, anxiety, balancing, and improves outlook, relaxation
  • Breathe Well 2 pack essential oils: Breathe Eze and Wintergreen Breathe Eze: Respiratory system for sinuses and better breathing, antiviral, decongestant, calming Wintergreen: Muscle relaxant, aids digestion, stimulates lungs, boosts circulation
  • Energy 2 pack essential oils: Uplift and Grapefruit Uplift (sweet orange and lime blend): energizing, brighten outlook, creates optimism, overcome anxiety and helps depression and smells wonderful Grapefruit: Stimulates brain, boosts confidence, mental clarity, dissolves cellulite, lymph detoxifier, relieves stress
  • Germ-Away 2 Pack essential oils: Tea Tree and Lemon--Lemon oil promotes clarity of thought, fights bacteria and boosts immunity, while tea tree oil treats minor cuts, rashes, stings and fights airborne bacteria, is antiviral and an immune stimulant


  • Each Essential Oil 2 pack comes with a how to use card packed with suggested uses
  • Each oil comes in a 5/8 dram amber glass travel vial with an inverted dropper tip for easy dispensing
  • These travel bottles have 60+ drops in each


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