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A collection of must-have solutions, this essential kit will help prevent and fix most wardrobe malfunctions!

special features:

  • 15 Dressing Tape Strips
  • Double sided adhesive body tape
  • Customize to fit your needs: tape can be cut and trimmed to required length
  • Disposable for one-time use only.
  • Clear so does not show through clothing.
  • To apply - peel off one side of the protective paper and position tape on skin. Remove the second side of the protective paper and adhere to the garment.
  • To remove - remove slowly from dry skin only. Dispose. Remove any remaining residue from the skin with baby oil. Be sure to remove from any garments after use. Do not wash or dry clean garments without first removing the tape.
  • 2 Pairs of disposable covers
  • Nipple Concealers
  • To apply - peel from casing and place on the nipple. Smooth edges over the breast and secure. Repeat.
  • To remove - remove slowly from dry skin only.
  • Disposable Covers are for one-time use only.
  • Do not reapply, use a new Disposable Cover.
  • Soft center allows for comfort without the irritation of the nipple.
  • Designed to blend with skin color and not show through clothing.
  • Total freedom and flexibility in an instant.
  • 1 Bra converting clip
  • Creates racerback style
  • Bra Converting Clip is easy to use, comfortable and works with any style bra
  • Hook bra around your waist with the back in front. Insert bra straps into Bra Converting Clip. Rotate bra
  • For large sizes use multiple clips
  • 100% Polyester
  • 100% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • 100% Polyethylene with hypoallergenic adhesive


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