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OnTask forces you to prioritize your most important tasks and take control over your workday. The clean, simple design also works as a pen holder to make your desk and workday more organized! Ever feel overwhelmed with too much to do? Do you struggle to prioritize? Too many post-it notes, emails, messages, reminders etc. coming in during the workday? End the madness and focus on three tasks a day! Research shows that while having a master task list is helpful, focusing on your top three tasks, one at at time, leads to more productivity. To be most productive we need to: -Set priorities and determine his top three most important tasks for the day -Increase focus by having a very visible, physical reminder of the task at hand -Eliminate mind clutter and never have more than three tasks at a time We started using a piece of paper, folded into thirds to make a triangular prism, and wrote one task on each side. Instantly feel less overwhelmed as soon as you take the time to determine your three most important tasks of the day. The physical reminder on your desk helps you focus on one task at at time, with far fewer distractions than an online task list. We decided to take it a step further and create a more user-friendly, sustainable version of the paper contraption: the OnTask. Using their background in design and engineering, they also fashioned the OnTask to include an eraser, marker, AND function as a pen holder.


  • *Remember, setting your top three priorities and focusing on one task at a time increases motivation and productivity
  • 1. Write your top three tasks for the day on your OnTask, one on each side. Position the OnTask so that your first task is facing you
  • 2. Relish in the satisfaction of wiping completed goals and write a new high-priority task
  • 3. Easily rotate OnTask to move on to your next priority

care instructions:

  • OnTask Assembly:
  • The blue triangle pieces (on either side of OnTask) detach so you can store pens and other small objects inside the OnTask. A dry-erase marker is included inside the OnTask, as well as an eraser attached to the blue triangle piece.

special features:

  • 3 sided dry erase board that doubles as a storage container to hold all of your pens, pencils, etc.
  • The 3 sided dry erase helps you to stay focused on your most important tasks!



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