Body Armor Immunity Essential Oil Rollerball Blend

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Defend your family and yourself from germs that tend to make their way home from school or work with the most potent natural defense, essential oils. Whether you are looking for a way to clean your home without chemicals, you are warding off seasonal flu threats, or other bugs making their way around, Body Armor will give you the extra safeguard you need. Body Armor smells great and can be used as part of your daily routine by simply adding a few drops to a diffuser to clean the air and boost immunity for hours. Diffusing Body Armor when the first sign of sickness will halt it in its tracks. You can rely on the natural protection of Body Armor for a cleaner, healthier home.

special features:

  • DAVINA ARTISANAL BLEND: Orange, Wild (Citrus sinensis), Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata), Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum verum), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata).
  • EASY TO USE: Body Armor is specially formulated to support a healthy immune system. It can be diffused or diluted and applied topically to the bottoms of feet, reflex points, or on the throat over the neck glands.
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME: This blend of powerful essential oils can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemicals to clean your home and air, providing your home with the defense it needs so you can protect your familyโ€™s health through every season.
  • EFFECTIVE: Get the extra protection you need in an easy to use, affordable, and powerful oil. Body Armor is the ideal way to help your body feel strong and fight back against any attack on your immune system.
  • 100% PURE & POTENT: Each oil is GC/MS tested to ensure 100% certified pure therapeutic grade quality. Reports are posted on direct website. No pesticides, herbicides, GMO or additives. Other quality tests performed: Chiral Testing, HPLC, Optical Rotation, Refractive Index, Organoleptic, C14 Naturalness & Specific Gravity Testing
  • READY TO GO: Blended with a high quality fractionated coconut oil making this great on the go!
  • THERAPEUTIC QUALITY OIL YOU CAN RELY ON: When evaluating a potential source for essential oils, Davina will consider many aspects such as growth conditions, production, and storage procedures. Environmental factors such as elevation, climate, soil texture, organic matter, composition and temperature can impact the health, vitality and essential oil production of medicinal plants. These variables, among others, like harvest time, processing procedures and storage conditions, influence the quality and quantity of essential oils the plants produce. We ensure our oils are sourced from optimal environmental conditions using the best production methods. The result, is Davina offers the most potent and pure therapeutic quality oils available.


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