Focus Pocus ADD/ADHD Blend Essential Oil

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Focus Pocus is great for students, high-stress environments, and in circumstances where performance really matters. Anyone who needs to operate under pressure can benefit from Focus Pocus. It can be diffused to benefit an entire room, which is particularly helpful for family homework time or in the office. Or, a drop can be dripped onto the palms or tissue and the aroma can be inhaled; or it can be enjoyed right from the bottle. Focus Pocus can also be applied to the back, bottoms of feet, or to reflex points, temples or to wrists.


  • CLARITY: Focus Pocus can help blow out the fog, helping you think and operate at a higher level
  • SUSTAINED FOCUS: What good is the ability to focus if it can’t be maintained? Focus Pocus can help you stay on task throughout your day. To get a mental boost anytime, simply put a drop on your palms, cup your hands lightly in front of your nose, and inhale slowly and deeply
  • PERFORMANCE: Jobs are increasingly technical – becoming ever more demanding and competitive. Be prepared and out-perform with Focus Pocus
  • REDUCE STRESS: Focus and cognitive function is impaired by stress, Focus Pocus can help relieve stress to allow you to perform at your best

Focus Pocus Benefits:


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