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The aroma of Inches Away is slightly citrusy and cinnamony. It’s warm and pleasant, but most importantly, it can also be an effective tool to curb cravings. It can be used to eliminate destructive habits by associating the scent with a new and healthy behavior. Use it to help you skip dessert or a second helping, or to simply boost your metabolism or aid digestion. Inches Away can be applied to the abdomen over the stomach, or to reflex points, diffused, or inhaled directly from the bottle.


  • REDUCE CRAVINGS: Curb cravings by inhaling directly from the bottle when cravings strike or proactively, but applying to the abdomen, reflex points, or diffusing throughout the day
  • HELP MANAGE HUNGER: For those who get hungry between meals, before bed, or other less-than-desirable times of day, breathing Inches Away slowly and deeply can help them make more positive choices.
  • BOOST METABOLISM: Inches Away provides natural support for your metabolism, and when used alongside a healthy diet and exercise program, can help you reach your weight loss goals
  • SUPPORT HEALTHY DIGESTION: Inches Away’s synergistic blend supports digestion to help your body get the most nutritive value from each and every healthy bite

Inches Away Benefits:


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