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Color: Cinnamon


MealEnders are drug- and stimulant-free "Signaling Lozenges" designed to help people avoid overeating, curb snacking, and master portion control by ridding mouth and mind of the desire to eat more than needed. They provide a practical and easy way to avoid excess calories without yo-yo deprivation dieting, or the drugs, fillers, or stimulants used in most weight loss pills, appetite suppressants, and weight loss supplements. MealEnders employ behavioral psychology and sensory science to help you take control of what and when you eat. A creamy, sweet outer layer cues the end of a meal and satisfies cravings. It melts away to a hard center that delivers long-lasting cooling and tingling flavor sensations that clear the palate and transition your focus away from eating until your natural fullness signals set in. Over time, they can promote more mindful eating and help the body adjust to appropriate portion sizes for natural portion control. MealEnders are made from high-quality, food-based ingredients and can be taken anytime, anywhere to support any diet plan or weight loss program. Each single package contains 25 lozenges & they come in different delicious flavors!

special features:

  • Includes 25 pieces
  • No drugs
  • No added stimulants
  • No herbs
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Low sodium
  • Kosher



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Feature image for MealEnders- Prevent Overeating!

MealEnders- Prevent Overeating!