Hot and Cold Back and Body Gel Pad

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The Inerzen Large Body Gel Therapy Pad is a durable and comfortable solution that provides relief when you need it most. Our Body Gel Pad is large to be able to cover the full back and the stomach as well as the chest, abdominal area, shoulders, arms, legs, thighs, calves, and more. Hot and Cold therapy with our Inerzen Gel Pad provides comfort to a number of common ailments caused by sports injuries, soreness, muscle pain, swelling and inflammation, stiff muscles and tendons, cramps and spasms, chronic back pain, and more! Simply heat or cool the pad and place it on the affected area for instant relief. Great for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or just everyday people with a busy schedule looking for relief and relaxation.

special features:

  • Works Hot or Cold
  • The Inerzen Large Body Gel Pad can be used either hot or cold to suit your needs. Need to numb the pain with something cold? Simply place the pad in a refrigerator or freezer and put it on. The pad stays flexible when frozen to allow easier use. Want to relieve stress and tension with heat? Just heat the pad using hot water or place it in the microwave and in a few minutes you'll have exactly what you need to feel great again. Depending on the room temperature, the pad can stay hot or cold for up to two hours! (Be sure to follow instructions for heating or cooling gel pad)
  • Safe and Durable- The Inerzen Large Body Gel Pad is reusable and made with a durable Nylon lining to keep from rupturing or leaking. The inside is filled with non-caustic, non-toxic, eco-friendly polyacrylate gel.
  • Relief and Relaxation - Large to cover multiple parts of the body, including the full back or the stomach. Great for providing relief from joint and muscle pain, chronic back pain, cramps, injuries, bruising, swelling, sprains, and other common injuries and ailments.
  • Works Hot or Cold - Simply freeze in the fridge for cold therapy, or heat with hot water or a microwave for hot therapy. (Be sure to follow instructions for heating or cooling)
  • Durable and Safe - Gel pad is reusable. Made from strong Nylon lining and filled with non-toxic, non-caustic, eco-friendly Polyacrylate Gel.
  • Easy to Use - Simply warm or cool as needed and place on the desired part of your body for instant relief.


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