Solar Water Fountain Pump and Solar Panel Kit with Battery Pack & LED Light, 79 GPH, 47-Inch Lift

Supplies limited. Good until gone!

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Bring a boring old pond back to life, make a DIY water fountain or convert an electric water fountain to solar with this kit. This kit pushes water up to 47" and it is also perfect for man-made outdoor ponds and birdbaths with at least a 6" water depth. It is optional to connect a 1/4" diameter hose to the pump. To use, simply place the panel in the ground in direct sunlight and connect the cord from the panel, the pump cable, and the LED light cable to the battery box. To turn the pump on push the "POWER ON/OFF" button, to operate on solar only power push the "Sun/Battery" button so that the green light next to "Sun" is on. To switch to the battery pack select the Sun/Battery button so that the green light above "Battery" is on.


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