Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle for Stovetop 2.75 Qt Teapot

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MIRROR FINISH: Bellemain’s surgical-grade alloy is dishwasher-safe and remarkably tough. It resists corrosion, discoloration, scratching, denting, cracking—you name it. CONVERSATION-STARTER DESIGN: Be prepared to answer “Where did you buy your kettle?” a lot. Bellemain’s kettle is designed with elegance in mind. SAFETY FIRST: cool-to-the-touch riveted handle and spout lever with knob. The formed curves of the handle also guarantee safety while pouring, so no matter how hot the Bellemain® base gets, your hands and fingers stay safe—clear from heat and steam. UNIVERSAL APPLICATION: Induction? Yes. Electric? Yes. Ceramic? Yes. Halogen? Yes. Wood stove? Of course. Gas? No. Just kidding—yes, of course gas. Its aluminium- and iron-layered bottom allows the agile kettle to fit in everywhere. TEA TIME!: Quicker boiling times come standard on this Bellemain®, thanks to its 9-inch-wide base and aluminium/iron-layered bottom. The smooth, stylish lines. The ultra-wide bottom for quicker boiling. The weighty, alloy construction and calibrated balance, marrying durability and class. There are a lot of reasons to love your new whistling kettle. Take your kitchen back to elegance with your own whistling kettle, complete with our specially crafted, evocatively classic design. We use an ultra-wide aluminum- and iron-layered bottom to promote even quicker boiling, so you can hear your whistle sooner. Now you can have your coffee, tea, porridge, and anything else hot water brings, faster. Our special Bellemain mirror finish means a simple wipe-down is enough to keep things shining. And if things get really messy, our whole beautiful piece is dishwasher safe.


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