UV Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

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UV Light Sanitizes Your Toothbrush,Sanitizes in minutes, Turns off automatically,Clinically proven safe and effective, Fits Manual and Electric Heads Oral SteriClean® is an FDA Listed Medical Device that safely kills harmful germs and bacteria that live deep within your toothbrush bristles. Oral SteriClean® uses advanced UV technology to kill harmful bacteria and viruses at a cellular level, destroying its' DNA and killing them dead. Published in Bio Medicine, Dentistry IQ, & RDH Journal Magazine, Oral SteriClean® UV Toothbrush Sanitizers are recommended most by Doctors, Dentists, & health professionals. Dr. Lee Michael Luciani, Ontario, Canada states "My family and I have been using Oral SteriClean® for years and we swear by it". "It's a no brainer, toothbrushes are filled with bacteria, they need to be sanitized"! Oral SteriClean® is the only clinically proven UV sanitizer that fights against cavities and is a must for children! It's so simple to use, place your manual or electric toothbrush in one of our Oral SteriClean® UV Sanitizers and its' UV light will begin to sanitize deep within the toothbrush bristles. Each sanitizer will automatically turn off after several minutes when the cycle is complete. Your toothbrush remains stored in the Oral SteriClean® UV sanitizer and kept clean until its' next use.


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