Sweet Relief Lumbar Pillows 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion Orthopedic Design

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Orthopedic Memory Foam With Adjustable Strap The lumbar cushion is made with highest quality memory foam for lasting relief and comfort. Instantly Eases Lower Back Pain And Corrects Posture - Premium memory foam gives you the perfect balance between firmness and softness, comfort and lumbar support. Doctor Recommended - Lumbar pillows help keep the lower back in proper alignment by reducing stress and strain. This is the easiest way to maintain good posture while at work, at home, or on the road. Travel-Friendly - Easy to take with you and can be used in your car, on an office chair, traveling on a plane, or a long trip in the car or truck. Extremely Breathable Mesh- The best material to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Ergonomically Designed Orthopedic Lumbar Support Pillow Orthopedic design helps to maintain the natural curvature of your spine - Helps with scoliosis, arthritis and sciatic nerve pain - Does sitting for long periods of time leave you in pain? - Does your back ache from being stuck in an uncomfortable chair at work? Get posture support wherever you go! The benefits of a good lumbar support are immeasurable. A lot of people struggle with back problems, many of which are preventable. When we sit, we have a tendency to slouch forward. This causes bad posture and is a very hard habit to break over time. Unfortunately, this slouching can cause the lumbar to bend outward, the opposite direction of how it naturally wants to bend. These issues range from moderate to severe, but all can cause chronic back pain. Everyone who has experienced back pain from time to time can understand why avoiding it is so beneficial. The breathable mesh back support allows for maximum airflow to keep you cool and comfortable. You can use one cushion for your office, work or home and one in the car! Makes a great gift! Teachers, Bosses, Co-workers, your Spouse or anyone who would enjoy added comfort while they sit! Elastic strap that can extend from 20” to 36” and can be used with or without the strap If you suffer from back pain, or simply wish to avoid it, one of the first things you can do is invest in a lumbar support. A lumbar support helps improve your posture and keep you back aligned throughout the day.


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