Koffie Permanent Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Gift Set

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Your Tastebuds will appreciate the flavor! Your coffee will taste like the pros. Just use your favorite coffee and boiled water. It doesn’t get any easier than this Organize your space – Free up counter space with your metal filter that will fit in your cupboard, out of the way. Traditional coffee machines take up space that you could use for other kitchen projects. No filters means no frustration when you realize you ran out of filter paper in the early morning when you really crave a coffee. With this dripper, there is no need to worry about running out of filters when you need your coffee the most. Instant Coffee Gone: Easy to pack if you are going camping or anywhere that has water to boil. Pack a container of coffee and your filter and you have the same quality of coffee you make at home. Helps your budget: You now can save the money that you spend on premium coffee and take it to go from home. Quick and simple to brew your coffee without all the cost. Tired of buying paper filter for your old fashion coffee filter? Paper coffee filters absorb some of the natural oils and beneficial nutrients in your coffee and cost a fortune in a long run. This filter is made High-Quality Stainless Steel Mesh. You will never have to buy a paper filter again! Making it cost less and more environmentally friendly in the long run! Tired of drinking instant coffee? With this dripper, making a proper cup of filter coffee is as simple as making an instant coffee, simply put the filter on top of your favorite cup, add the desired amount of ground coffee powder into the dripper, and just add hot water! The best way to do it is to pour the water over the fresh ground coffee in a circular motion until your cup is full. Worried about cleaning the filter after using it? Simply remove the ground coffee powder by rinsing the filter with clean water- no detergent required. Get a free funky looking teaspoon that you can just hook it onto your cup AND a silicone cup lid when you buy this dripper.


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