Sunblock at Work SPF 30 All-Natural Organic Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen

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Outdoor professionals, your jobs are intense enough without risking the health of your skin. Protect yourself and your work force from the daily intensity of the sun’s rays with the all-natural Sun Block at Work SPF 30. Formulated by dermatologists, Sun Block at Work is a broad spectrum, SPF 30 all-natural sun block designed to protect outdoor professionals and enthusiasts from the sun's dangerous ultra-violet rays. Prolonged UV exposure is known to cause premature aging and skin cancer. Active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are medically proven to be safe and effective in combating sun damage without the use of harsh chemicals found in most sunscreens. Put protection from sun damage and skin cancer in the palm of your hard-working hands. Choose 16 oz Hand Pump, 2 oz Flip Cap Dispenser, or Single-use Foil Packs (5-pack, 10-pack, or individual).


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